ewic - sustainable equity finance

About ewic

ewic was founded in 1991 and, since, has been primarily active in sustainable equity finance and areas of international public interest.

ewic provides the following services:

ewic is the fundmanager of e2cleantech1, a fund established in 2007 and investing in clean technologies in The Netherlands. Please see for more details www.e2cleantech.com.

As of May 2012 ewic advises the Green Gateway Fund. Please see for more information http://www.wermutham.com/about-us/team/green-gateway-fund.aspx.

On July 4 2013 a consortium lead by ewic won the tender to manage the Amsterdam Klimaat & Energie Fonds. See for more information: www.akef.nl.

In the past, ewic has been active in the emerging market economies of Eastern Europe, with a focus on Russia, as a privatisation, corporate finance and business development advisor. Moreover, ewic has played an important part in the establishment of several regional development funds in Russia, sponsored by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development.